Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Nobuo Uematsu

He’s considered as one of the most famous and respected composers in the video game community.
Is there anybody who hadn’t heard of Final Fantasy series? Well, he was the one who made most tracks for it.
What’s even more amazing is that he’s self-taught. (!)
In 1986 he started working with Square (which in 2003 merged with Enix and became Square Enix). Since 2004 he works as a freelancer. He also created his own company “Smile please” and music label “Dog Ear Records.

Interesting fact: When he was young his dream was to become a professional wrestler. To this day, he enjoys watching professional wrestling in his spare time.

To me he’s a very inspirational person, who is a living proof that everyone is capable of making their dreams come true – as long as they work hard and never give up!
Somehow he made his music to be an integral part of the game. Final Fantasy as of now consist of 14 main games – but each soundtrack is so different and what’s most important – fits the story, its characters, the mood, etc. I think it’s what made him this legendary. 

As someone who really likes retro-gaming, I do appreciate good music whilst playing. My favorite would be from Final Fantasy VIII, which is one of my favorites games of all time. It makes me a little nostalgic yet happy to listen to it.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Alex and Sierra

This duet not only proves that shows like X Factor do help some people to succeed in music industry, but also is inspiring in terms of dealing with all the fame and scrutiny involved. They’re just amazing, so down to earth, so talented and so in love with each other. The chemistry between them is out of this world. And people fell in love with that. I did too.
Their casting is an evidence, as well as them winning the third season of The X Factor USA in 2013.

  Alex Kinsey, Sierra Deaton

Interesting fact: It is said that John Legend and Harry Styles co-wrote a song for their album, it was supposed to be called “I wasn’t ready”. Alex and Sierra claimed that song to be their favorite, but for some mysterious reason it hadn’t been chosen.

Not long after winning the show, their announced that they’ll be making an album. Alex and Sierra wrote most of their songs, which was a new experience for them, as they’ve never done that before. However they’ve  got help from many composers and  lyric writers like: Julian Bunetta, Sam Watters, Jason Mraz and Toby Gad.
In october 2014 their released their debut studio album “It’s about us”. It consists of quite catchy and melodious folk-pop songs, just the way I like it.
Not too long ago, they’ve also announced that they are in the works of releasing an extended play of the songs they covered in the X Factor. Now, these kind of news I’d like to hear more. Cheers.